In Saint Paul, 20% of our land area is consumed by streets that are hostile and dangerous to people walking, biking, and rolling. We need your help to change that.

1. Meet Other Supporters

SPBC's Monthly Advocacy Meetings are a fun way to introduce yourself to local cyclists, to learn the latest about bicycle infrastructure improvements coming to the city, and to find out about ways that you can help make cycling safe and convenient for everyone. We meet every third Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm, and at other times as scheduled. For more information, contact us or check the calendar.

Minutes from past meetings

2. Stay Up to Date

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3. Train for the Movement

The Minnesota Bicycle Alliance leads the Minnesota Bike/Walk Leadership Network, which aims to connect local bike walk leaders to share ideas and strategies about how they’re lifting up the walking and biking culture in their communities. We facilitate a monthly Bike Walk Leadership Network webinar and provide technical assistance to participants in the network.

Visit their website to learn more about how you can get involved.